What Is News?


News is the information that informs the public about current events. It is generally based on fact and presented objectively. People can get the news from many sources, including television and radio. They can also access the news online through a variety of websites.

The information in a news story is usually reported by professional journalists. However, with the advent of new technology, the public is increasingly becoming a major supplier of news. Some people even become their own broadcasters, reporting the news on blogs and social media sites. This is known as citizen journalism.

A news story contains important facts that are organized in a certain order to make them easy to read and understand. The most important facts are at the beginning of the story, a section called the lede in journalistic jargon. A good lede should be 25 words or less, and it should grab the reader’s attention. It should also provide a background for the main news story, as well as answer any questions readers might have about it.

The next portion of the article should contain more detailed information about the key news event. This part of the story should also include any quotes from people involved in the news event. This can help readers connect with the news story on a personal level. It is important to include both positive and negative aspects of the news event. This helps readers see the full picture and make informed decisions about how they should respond to it.

A final portion of the article should offer any additional details about the story that are not necessary to know but may be interesting to the audience. This includes things like background information, statistics, and other related facts that support the main news story. It is also important to include a summary of the news event at the end of the article.

There are many types of news, and different audiences find different stories more interesting. For example, a person who is interested in the latest sports news may prefer to read a newspaper that covers only that type of information. Other people, on the other hand, might want to read a news website that covers a wide range of topics.