What Is News?

News is information about things that are happening right now, or about events that happened recently. It is also about things that are important or interesting to a wide range of people. News is often reported on TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet. It can include things like weather, politics, crime, economics, culture, sports and entertainment. News stories are usually written so that they are short, concise and easy to understand. They should be accurate and up to date. The most important thing when writing a news article is to know your audience. This will help you decide what is most important to them and how to present the information. It is also a good idea to have someone else read the article before it is published. They can help you find spelling and grammatical errors that you may have overlooked.

It is important to keep in mind that the definition of news is a constantly evolving one. As new technologies emerge and people become more connected it becomes easier to spread news faster and more widely. This has led to a proliferation of opinions about what qualifies as news.

For example, in the past it was common for people to pass on a story by word of mouth. But as television and the Internet became more popular it has become possible for anyone to report a news story. This has made it difficult to define what is and isn’t news.

Another important consideration when determining what is newsworthy is how many people it affects. A lot of the time an event is going to be newsworthy if it has a large number of people involved in it. This is especially true if it has to do with things that directly affect the lives of people, such as war, natural disasters, political upheaval or economic turmoil.

Also a lot of the time something will be considered newsworthy if it has an element of drama to it. This is why a lot of the stories you see in newspapers, hear on the radio or watch on TV are dramatic in nature. They are meant to capture the attention of the audience and hold their interest by being entertaining.

Finally a lot of the time news is determined by what has been considered to be important by those in power. The people who make the decisions about what will be included in a newspaper, on a TV news program or on a news website are called gatekeepers. They take recommendations from reporters and assistant editors but they ultimately have the final say about what will be newsworthy.

The final point to remember when deciding what is newsworthy is that it should be something that makes a reader go, “Gee Whiz!” This means that the event or topic must be unusual, exciting, interesting or significant. It should also be new, rather than something that happened 10 years ago or even last week.