Online Betting News – What’s Hot and What’s Not


Whether it’s through a television program, a newspaper or a website, people like a good ol’ fashioned news update. In fact, news is considered an amusing and informative way to stay on top of current events and trends. News is usually accompanied by a sidebar containing additional information, such as a timeline or graph, about the same topic.

The gambling industry is a billion dollar industry, so it’s not surprising that there is plenty of news to be had. There are numerous gambling related statistics and figures, including the largest sports gambling operators in the world. The industry also comes with its fair share of challenges, as it attempts to stay ahead of the competition, despite the proliferation of rogue operators out there.

The newsworthy is a recent federal court ruling which denied the state of Florida’s bid to legalize sports betting. Although the ruling was overturned, it’s not too late for the state to move forward and implement legislation for sports betting. There are also some state legislators who are not shy about their own pet projects, such as expanding the gambling industry, namely online gambling.

It’s no secret that the gambling industry is evolving. The largest and most successful operators are partnering with some of the oldest and most trusted land-based casinos in the country. The same holds true for the state’s regulated online gambling industry, as well as the many land-based operators that are expanding into the online gambling space. This is a very exciting time for all involved. This is exemplified by the recent launch of the SI Sportsbook in Virginia, which is operated by 888 Holdings, the same company that launched the first sportsbook in Colorado. The SI Sportsbook has already been operational in Virginia for a few weeks, so it’s only a matter of time before this new endeavor launches in the rest of the state.

The big question is, how can one identify the real newsworthy information from the noise? There are plenty of online sites that can help with this task, such as Online Gambling News. They offer a wide range of newsworthy information, from the newest and largest sportsbooks, to the hottest and most established operators, to iGaming opportunities in states with regulated online industries. The opportunistic land-based operator may want to check out the site to see what it has to offer.