Tom Mills founded ifsodoso in 2011 after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan in 2010 as a 3 Dimensional Designer. Developing furniture fit for the 21st century is the company's overarching aim.


The 'long-form-library' redefined notions of seating and storage, as well as encapsulating design's unique ability to manifest our development through physicality and conceptual brevity. Its dynamic look and meticulous construction set it apart and widespread exposure followed with an invitation from Virgin Media to be the central work on its 'Homes of the Future' concept stand over the ensuing 2 years, appearing at Grand Designs Live and the Ideal Homes Show on 4 separate occasions. A subversive appearance on Channel 4's 4 Rooms also featured alongside many other shows and exhibitions.


In the midst of this frenetic period, Tom took a senior lecturing post delivering a unique 3D design course in Moscow between 2011 and 2015. Alongside Anna Mokhova and Fergus John Channon, in the space of 3.5 years the students of BHSAD were given an experience like no other and the graduating students and resulting work will go on to define Russian 3D design over the coming decades. No other course like it existed in Russia at the time and within this rarefied environment great strides have been made.


Now resident in the UK again, Tom continues to be a strident and proactive champion of original thought, collaboration and progression in the field. His recent work with James Cropper Papers lead to 'manta – motion – studies' being covered in September's Creative Review.


Tom has now taken up a teaching post on the 3D course at Manchester Metropolitan University and is looking forward to working with this years intake.


Tel: +44 (0)7722 500052


15 Collingham Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8 8RQ